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Buy your QuitBand for about the price of 1 Pack
Only $8.99! Includes Free Shipping!

QuitBand is an extremely simple and cost effective method to help you quit smoking forever!

The Quit Band is designed to keep track of your days you have not smoked by sliding a charm marker along a silicone wristband to the day & week that corresponds to the days and weeks you have been cigarette free!

Unlike any other quit smoking bracelet, ours starts off at day 1, which we think is the true start to your goal to quit smoking. The dashes between the numbers (example 1-3-5-7 etc...) are used to replace 2, 4, 6 etc. Same goes for the weeks you have stopped.

Once you start reaching your goals, you can add milestone charms to reinforce your success. These milestone charms come in 3 Months Cig Free, 6 Months Cig Free, 9 Months Cig Free, 1 Year Cig Free. Additional Cigarette Free charms over 1 year are available upon request.

The QuitBand was conceived with the reassuring concept of a reminder around your wrist, guarding you when reaching for a cigarette to make the healthier decision and changing your smoking habits for a better you!

 Purchase The QuitBand  Bracelet Below!


              QuitBand Bracelet In Red                  QuitBand Bracelet In Black (Reversed)      

* 30 Day "Size/Fit" Money Back Guarantee With Item Returned In Resale Condition. 
* Orders Are Generally Processed Within 2-3 Business Days.
* Free "United States Only" Standard Shipping Included! (5-7 Days)
* Bracelet Fonts & Color Samples  Might Very Slightly As Shown
QuitBand Bracelet Color & Sizes

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Quit Smoking & Stay Cigarette Free with the Quit Band Wristband!

Below is the extra Cig Free charms that
can be added and come in increments of 3 Months.

* Orders Are Generally Processed Within 2-3 Business Days.
* Free Standard Shipping Included! (5-7 Days)
* Charm Fonts & Color Samples  Might Very Slightly As Shown

Cig Free Achievement Charms

Instructions below on how the cigarette free achievement charms get
 put on to the QuitBand bracelets

Reasons Why You Should Scroll Back Up
  And Spend Only $8.99 For A Better You!

 * Cheaper Then Any Stop Smoking Gimmick Out There
* No Drugs Or Quit Smoking Chemicals!
* Streghthens Your Self Control
* Reminds You Of Your Goal

You Can Also Use The QuitBand To Track Your Days Quit,
  When Using Your Favorite Stop Smoking Products.


QuitBand Can Save You A Fortune!

  At $7.00 per pack, month equals 30 days. Cigarette prices vary across the country.

 Packs A Day 1 Month 
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years
½ Pack You Save
$630.00   $1,260.00  $6,300.00  
1 Pack You Save





1½ Pack You Save





2 Packs You Save





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